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Hamilton & Herring Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on user reviews.

By Michelle B. Moore - 5/5
"I remember sitting in your office, discussing our options. I knew it would be a HUGE journey, but even I have been blown away by the results! Everyone at Hamilton &  Herring Orthodontics is top notch. These people know what they are doing! Beginning the moment you walk in and are greeted by Kim (who is always happy) and offered fresh baked cookies & coffee, to all the ladies in the office who are so helpful and kind. They worked effortlessly to make a payment plan for us. Both Dr.Herring and Dr. Hamilton are professional and brilliant in the area of orthondonitry. Madison's case was extremely difficult. Dr. Hamilton accepted the challenge and explained in detail his plan to correct her jaw, bite and teeth. My son, who was seen by Dr. Herring, received his braces here as well. We couldn't be any happier with their outcome.Thank you for giving my daughter and my son a new found confidence! We appreciate your entire staff. Y'all are changing lives out there, one smile at a time!

By Hank Guess - 5/5 
"One thing that stood out to me was their dedication to community involvement, Over the years, Dr.Hamilton has personally made trips to Baptist Medical Center and other places to help people, eventhose who could not afford his services. Knowing that they both put so much into the communityreally meant a lot to me."

By Thelma Eley - 5/5 
" I also love their staff and the work they do, but what I like most is that they really care about you asa patient, like when Dr. Herring called me at home after an appointment, because he didn’t think he’dspent enough time explaining something to me at the office. It really impressed me that he was soconcerned."

By Paula Newman - 5/5 
"Everyone in this office is great. They made my son very comfortable. He was a transfer patient and he stated they were even nicer than his other dentist in Florida. The office made his transfer to another orthodontist easy and wonderful."

 By Jennifer Jefferson - 5/5 
"My son is autistic and normally tends to shy away from direct conversation with strangers and is not fond of new experiences that are not routine. Hamilton & Herring Orthodontics made him feel comfortable and confident to be able to respond back and answer their questions directly without me needing to prompt any questions to him. We finished the consultation with my son hugging one of the team members. I could not have asked for a better experience. I would absolutely recommend them to my friends and family."

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