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“My daughter had a very bad underbite when she was four years old,” says Tamela Everett. “Dr. Hamilton said that she might need jaw surgery, but that he could try treating her first to see if it could be avoided. She was in braces two different times, but she never had to have the surgery. Dr. Hamilton was able to keep her bite back during her growth years, and now she has a gorgeous smile.”

Tamela’s son had braces during his teens, and Tamela herself wound up receiving treatment, too. “I had been grinding my teeth at night, and it changed my bite,” she explains. “So now it was my turn to be the patient!” Tamela was successfully treated with Invisalign®.

“You become so close with the doctors and the staff over the years that you actually miss them when you’re finished with treatment,” Tamela adds. “You feel like part of the family. Most of the staff has been there for a long time; that alone says a lot. And both Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Herring are terrific people. They are good for the community.”

“One thing that stood out to me was their dedication to community involvement,” says Hank Guess, who, along with his two sons, has been a patient at the practice. “Over the years, Dr. Hamilton has personally made trips to Baptist Medical Center and other places to help people, even those who could not afford his services. Knowing that they both put so much into the community really meant a lot to me.”

The Eley family had an equally good experience at Hamilton & Herring, but theirs began the other way around. At age 44, Thelma Eley decided that it was finally time to do something about the hereditary gaps in her teeth, so she made an appointment.

“I was the guinea pig for my family,” says Thelma, whose daughters are now seeing the doctors for braces. “From day one, I had an extremely positive experience. My treatment made such a dramatic difference for me that I truly think they have taken years off my appearance.”

“I love their staff and the work they do,” Thelma adds. “But what I like most is that they really care about you as a patient, like when Dr. Herring called me at home after an appointment, because he didn’t think he’d spent enough time explaining something to me at the office. It really impressed me that he was so concerned.”

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